Month: May 2017

Memory Foams vs. Adjustable Air Mattress (Air bed)

Memory foams and adjustable air mattress are the two most common mattress being used in most homes with both mattress having similarities in that they provide softness, firmness relief from pressure points in the body and good support conformability.

When it comes to choosing between Memory foams and adjustable air mattress this becomes difficult for most consumers. This is an outline of the major advantages and disadvantages of this two types of mattress using some important criteria.

Memory foams

Memory foams are made usually from polyurethane with comfort layers which increases its viscosity and density this allows for the mattress to quickly conform to the shape of the warm body within minutes and revert to its original shape after usage.

Adjustable air mattress (air beds)

Adjustable air mattress are made from variety of materials such as polyvinyl chloride (PVC), reinforced plastics or rubber, they contain air chambers which can be inflated or deflated to ones desire this enables its firmness to be adjusted which reduces the pressure on the body.

Firmness and Durability

Memory mattress have long term durability and come in various types from soft to firm and this settings cannot be changed after which is a disadvantage but due to its viscoelastic properties it is very adaptable and will conform to the shape of the sleeper and revert to its original shape after use, while air mattress have  high durability due to the hard nature of the polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and ability to reverse impressions made on it increases the durability drastically but because of the mechanical nature of the built in pumps this tend to wear off after some time and needs to be replaced from time to time.

Motion and Noise

This is an important aspect in choosing between adjustable air mattress and memory mattress with regards to motion memory mattress retains motion rather than transfer it, this is helpful and stops one partner movement from disturbing the other partner sleep. Air mattress does a fairly good job in this aspect, but there is still more motion transfer than memory mattress also because air mattress makes use of pumps to inflate or deflate there is tendency for noise to be produced.

Portability and maintenance cost

Air mattress are more portable than memory mattress because it can be deflated and folded up this is ideal for camping and other leisure outdoor activities while memory foams are not portable but in terms of maintenance costs memory foams are easy to maintain and clean with the occasional vacuuming the only major maintenance whereas air mattress have more maintenance cost with periodical changing of pumps and cleaning of internal parts to prevent accumulation of dusts.


This is a very important aspect because at the end of all analysis the price available to the consumer will determine which of the two products is preferable air mattress costs 450-4000 dollars depending on size and brand while memory mattress is relatively cheaper costing between 300-3800 dollars depending on size and brand.

Motorcycle Helmets – Mind Your Head!

To most riders, motorcycle helmets do not fit into their dream accessory. They feel helmets are restrictive and unnecessary and do not add to their aesthetic appeal. But it is important to know why you need to wear a helmet while riding a bike and what it does for you.

Motorcycle helmets act as a protection device for your head. Nearly all motor crashes in which riders do not wear helmets, result in major head injuries. To drive this point further, according to a survey done in the state of California, in 900 crashes, there were 980 head and neck injuries. The major factor was that most riders were not wearing proper headgear.

Canada has made it a mandatory rule for motorbike riders to wear helmets after seeing the way people die in these accidents. But in the USA, in some states, it still remains a choice for the rider so it is for you to decide what is more precious to you.

Hopefully, now that you are convinced about purchasing a helmet, let us see some of the things that you should keep in mind while buying a motorcycle helmet.

All helmets have an outer shell and an inner shell. The outer shell is meant to protect the head from initial impact and undertake all the abrasions onto it. The inner shell is basically a lining of foam that aims at minimizing the impact of the shock by absorbing it as much as possible. It is also supposed to provide comfort to the rider as well.

In order to ascertain whether your helmet is safe enough for you or not, you must check whether it has the Department of Transportation (DOT) sticker or not. A globally accepted safety standard for helmets is a sticker by the Snell Memorial Foundation.

Besides these safety stickers, the other important thing is to ensure that the motorcycle helmet of your choice gives you a proper fit. It should not be loose or too tight. You must be comfortable with it, as remember that you will be wearing it for quite some time.

There should not be any red marks on your head or face otherwise the helmet is too tight for you. At the same time, it should not come off your head or it just might fall off in an accident- providing you with no protection.

Also, you must choose between the various types of materials of which motorcycle helmets are made. Heavy helmets are made of fiberglass but it can crack if dropped. Another type of material used is injection-molded plastic. This is cheap and light but requires a lot of care. So think before you decide.