Month: August 2017

Things to Look for When Making a Hot Tub Purchase

People usually use the terms “hot tub” and “spa” synonymously, as if they were the same thing. It needs to be noted that if you’re installing a device with circulating jets then the device is called a spa. Regardless of which device addition you are going to be purchasing, it is up to you to decide which one you think is going to work best for you.

Spas designed for two people (the more private type) cost around 2000$. If you’re looking for a 4-8 seat spa so you can have your whole family in it or have spa parties, the price increases anywhere between 2,500$ to 10 000$.

While accessories such as the bells and the whistle systems might be appealing, the most important thing to consider firstly is the “full-foam” insulation. This is what it’s called a high-densitypolyurethane foam which acts as a barrier between the spa’s outer cabinet and it’s inner shell. It also does muffle noise and decreases heat loss.

Another thing to take in consideration is that spas are large devices so if you have in mind to install one, contacting decking contractors and the hot tube company about the delivery ahead of time to insure its safe arrival, placement and installation.

Things to note when calculating structural support

It’s generally accepted as an idea that hot tubs should be installed on flat and level surfaces like a concrete slab for an example. A 3-1/2 to 4 inch slab will be able to support the hot tub.

The structural support required should also be calculated and it’s done by calculating the tub’s dry weight, the total amount of water and the average weight of the person that’s going to be in the tub (also taking in consideration on how many people tub it is).

Building recommendations are the following:

-Elemental influence can run your day in the hot tub so it should be placed in a spot where it won’t be affected by them as much.

-The location of the trees and sun should be taken into accord.

-Installing a privacy screen around your tub is advised as privacy is important for a quality hot tub experience.

-The tub should be placed in a way that even in the winter when temperature drops there’s a quick way inside for those leaving the tub.

The recommended height of an average spa is around 17 do 24 inches. This allows for guests to be able to enter and exit the tub with ease. While spas that are flush with deck surfaces are an attractive option and can lead you to a purchase affiliation, it needs to be taken into accord that they can be dangerous.

Children and pets can slip into the tub unintentionally by stepping on the cover and uncovering the tub. If such a tub is still your choice of purchase, an investment in a lock is advised (and almost mandatory if you have children or pets around the house).