Get a portable or internal SATA Blu Ray Drive for less


Blu Ray discs have become very popular. They have become a major way of distributing high definition home movies that you can enjoy in your home theater system. But with its huge storage capacity, it is only natural that it becomes the answer to a lot of pc users’ quest for bigger storage space. If you are a desktop computer owner who would like to play blu ray movies in your personal computer, or store information in a blu ray disc, then all you need is a blu ray drive.

Installing a blu ray drive to your PC will allow you to play blu ray movies or access files stored in a blu ray disc. This means you have access to a huge number of high definition movies or big files stored in blu ray discs. If you want to store information in a blu ray disc, your blu ray drive must be capable of writing to a blu ray disc. Most popular disc drive manufacturers now offer blu ray drives for PCs. Some home theater system manufacturers also manufacture blu ray drives.

Pioneer Sata Blu Ray Drive offers the ability to write or read blu ray discs. Same goes for LG SATA Blu Ray drive and Sony SATA Blu Ray Drive. Any of these manufacturers can provide you with a SATA Blu Ray drive that will suit your computing needs. It all boils down to your preference and your considerations. While they all offer almost the same features, you may choose based on the brand’s reputation for quality or the device’s price or just based on your own preference. These devices pretty much do the same thing plus a difference in a few minor features such as the software that comes with it and so on. Again, they pretty much do the same thing and it all boils down to what you prefer.

LG produced the LG Blu-ray Disc Rewriter Internal SATA 10x SuperMulti Blue LightScribe. The capability of read and write blu-ray discs at 10x with the WH10LS30 Blu-ray rewriter that allows users record Up to 50GB of files, photos, or any business documents onto a single dual layer BD-R blu-ray disc. It can also Play HD content from BD Audio/Video discs or record up to 9 hours of high definition image and video. SATA interface tech allows for much easier integration and ultimately much faster performance while LightScribe gives user the added feature of etching customized labels onto a coated LightScribe disc. Get into the Blu with the WH10LS30 made by LG.

Specific Features: 10X BD-R Read and Write Capability, Max 16X DVD R Write Speed, Serial ATA Interface, LightScribe Direct Disc Labeling, Blu-Ray, DVD and CD Family Read/ Write Compatible, 2 MB Buffer under-Run Prevention Function Embedded. Unit Specifications: Product Model: WH10LS30, Product Name: WH10LS30 10x Blu-ray Super Multi Drive with LightScribe, Write Speed: 10x BD/16x DVD/48x CD, Product Type: BD-Writer, Maximum Maximum Rewrite Speed: 2x BD/8x DVD/24x CD, Maximum Read Speed: 10x BD/16x DVD/48x CD, Buffer: 2 MB, Media Support: Double-layer – BD-R/RE, Interfaces/Ports: 1 x 7-pin Serial ATA/150 – Serial ATA, Form Factor: 5.25″ 1/2H Internal.

Another brand is Sony which is also known for its electronic products. BWU-200S Sony’s second generation Blu-ray Disc drives takes a giant leap forward in recording speed, it is capable of 4X BD-R recording. BD-R/RW discs can save and store up to 50GB of video, music, or information data on a single-sided disc and can also be played back on Blu-ray Disc compatible players and drives. Also remarkably improved is DVD recording speeds, now 16X for DVD+R discs. The BWU-200S also supports virtually all BD/DVD/CD disc formats, so it eliminates the need to have many drives in a system. The internal drive sports a Serial ATA interface SATA for fast and easy installation and includes a complete application software bundle from CyberLink for recording and also playing DVDs, Blu-ray Discs, and CDs too. Truly a Blu-ray Disc burner like no other.

Zero Turn Lawn Mowers – No Trimming Required

Like most lawn owners, you probably love the look of an evenly-cut and carefully-trimmed yard – but you probably do NOT love all the work involved in doing the cutting and edging manually. If that is the case, you should consider learning more about zero turn lawn mowers. These mowers are capable of turning 180 degrees without going beyond its own body length – in fact, it can make a full 360-degree circle without leaving a gap in the middle.

Image result for Zero Turn Lawn Mowers - No Trimming RequiredOriginally, zero turn lawn mowers were designed for industrial uses, due to their outstanding maneuverability. This feature allowed golf course maintenance and other landscapers to get right next to and move around obstacles without the need to stop in trim.

In fact, these ride-on mowers, with their ability to turn back around on themselves, have a lot in common with a bulldozer or even a tank. While tanks and bulldozers have treads which control their movement, whereas a zero turn lawn mower has rear wheels, the principle governing the movement is the same: by controlling the direction and amount of drive power which each wheel receives, the movement of the machine changes accordingly.

To explain: imagine both rear drive wheels have the same amount of drive force applied to them. The mower will simply go straight forward. But, if the drive force on one wheel is decreased (causing drag), the mower will turn in the direction of that wheel. To cause the mower to make a complete half circle turn, we now modify direction – one wheel should continue turning forward, and the other should go backward, causing the mower to make a complete turnaround.

Usually, a zero turn lawn mower’s two rear wheels are linked to a hydrostatic transmission. This apparatus is what converts the engine’s power into hydraulic pressure. This pressure, obviously, is what propels the mower, driving the wheels. Older zero turn mower models were equipped with a pair of levers controlling speed and direction. Now, zero turn mowers might be controlled with a joystick, handlebars that function similar to a motorcycle’s, or a steering wheel (providing additional control).

As zero turn lawn mowers were originally designed for heavy-duty usage, as mentioned above, they were built to be extremely reliable. Manufacturers of this kind of mower state that their hydraulic pumps rarely present problems. If you are interested in purchasing a zero turn lawn mower, you simply must commit to maintaining it, as you would any other mower, by keeping the engine tuned up and the mower deck clean. If you are willing to put in the right amount of care, and pay out the (considerable) purchase price, a zero turn lawn mower’s convenience, performance, and durability should give you many years of beautiful lawn – no trimming required.

Do You Want to Win Rear of the Year

Most of you going to the gym are training because you want to lose a little bit of weight and to tone up, especially those problem areas such as the bum and thighs. However, very few of you will know how to train the legs effectively to lift and tone these areas. Nor will many of you know the environmental and lifestyle factors that can cause fat storage on the hips and thighs.

Training the legs is an art and a science and first I’m going to lift the lid on some of the secrets that the fitness models use to have the perfectly tone thighs and round pert butt. Then I will talk about how to eat to drop fat in the dreaded saddle bag area.

When you are training your legs you need a periodised and progressive plan targeting different muscles of the legs such as the glutes, the quads, the hamstring and the calves. Your first stage of leg training should focus on unilateral exercises to correct any imbalances in tone and shape between the legs. This is perfect if you have one butt cheek that is slightly less pert than the other, or if the cut of the hamstrings isn’t quite right between sides. Start by focussing on one exercise for the quads and one for the hamstrings, like so:

A1. Dumbbell step up on 30cm box, 3 sets of 15-20 reps, tempo 1010, rest 60 seconds.

A2. Seated hamstring curl, 3 sets of 8-10 reps, tempo 40X0, rest 60 seconds.

(The tempo prescription 1010 means to execute the up movement in 1 second with no pause at the top and then the down movement in 1 second with no pause at the bottom. An X in the tempo prescription means you need to execute the movement as fast as possible with good form.)

Next you want to perform an exercise that focuses on developing tone throughout the entire quadriceps, whilst performing an exercise that develops the glutes and hamstring together. You might choose the following exercises:

B1. Dumbbell split squat 3 sets of 10-12 reps, tempo 3010, rest 60 seconds.

B2. Romanian dead lift with bar 3 sets of 10-12 reps, tempo 3010, rest 60 seconds.

Your final pair of exercises can target the calves and abdominals to help give your legs that slender look when you are in heels and to flatten your tummy. These exercises could include:

C1. Single leg calf raise 3 sets of 12-15 reps, tempo 2010, rest 60 seconds.

C2. Abs crunch 3 sets of 12 reps, tempo 2010, rest 60 seconds.

Hopefully you will now see that training these muscles will help, but there are no specific exercises that are going to burn the fat off the hips and thighs. Most people don’t realise that the deposition of fat in those areas is hormonally mediated. Basically the more oestrogen you have in your body (either in total – or unopposed by other hormones such as progesterone) – the more fat you will store on the lower body. This doesn’t need to be the oestrogen that your ovaries produce (as many menopausal women have saddle bags as well) but the oestrogen that is made in your fat cells and the oestrogen you come in to contact with through your environment.

The best way to lose fat off the bum and thighs is to eat a Palaeolithic style diet. The basic premise of this is so easy it’s insane. Before you eat a food ask yourself – “was this food around 10,000 years ago?” if you answer “yes” then eat it, if you answer “No” don’t eat it! For example was a chicken, nuts, carrots or an apple around 10,000 years ago – yes so eat them. Was a doughnut, snickers, pasta or bread and jam around 10,000 years ago – no so don’t eat them. Eating Paleo means you basically eat protein in the way of meat, fish, seafood or poultry with lots of vegetables and snack on nuts, seeds and fruits.

The liver’s job is to detoxify chemicals that we come into contact with, and it also has to detoxify steroid hormones such as oestrogen. The liver has 3 ways to do this – through methylation, glucuronidation and sulphation. So eat foods that provide you with a host of B vitamins (this is not grains – the best source of B vitamins is animal protein and vegetables), foods that contain sulphur (which is eggs, onions, leeks, garlic) and foods that contain glucuronic acid which is broccoli, apples and grapefruit.

There is another group of foods that are “super foods” for the liver packed full of indoles, sulphur and other nutrients that help oestrogen detoxification – cruciferous vegetables. These include broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, kale, radishes and chard. Watercress is also particularly good and is packed full on these nutrients.

Another area where women constantly fall down with their diet is that they don’t eat enough protein. Women MUST eat enough protein, especially vegetarians, as liver detoxification is also determined by amino acids not just vitamins, minerals and phytochemicals. Once again meat, fish, seafood and poultry provide amino acids – so doing things like juice fasts as a detox is a bad idea as juice does not contain any protein.

In this short article we’ve covered the main ways to get the toned, sculpted bottom often seen on the catwalk runways of Milan and Paris. As you can see there are no magic pills or secret workouts that bring about these results. Simply focus your workouts on the areas involved namely the bottom, thighs and hips while eating a clean diet of animal protein, fish, vegetables, fruit and nuts. If you’re new to any of this it may take a couple of months before you see substantial changes to your body but keep at it. If you’re doing a lot of these things but just need to tweak one or two key areas then your gorgeous glutes and the Rear of the Year award may be just around the corner.

Protective Gear for Gardening

Looking for some protective pieces of equipment is a nice thing to do. However, it is really true that it is very challenging on your part, especially if you’re looking for a high quality and a cheaper type of equipment that can help your for good. Of course, you will purchase some specific tools like weed eaters or string trimmers, lawn mowers and some others.

If you want to look for weed eaters’ purchase in the market, then you have to consider both online and offline basis. Try to know if what type or mode of purchasing is good for you.

For both online and offline purchasing, it would be better if you will start to read some reviews first before buying a specific type of product. There are some online sites that offer numerous reviews that are reliable and useful for your decision-making. When looking for a specific type of gardening tools and some protective pieces of equipment for your gardening works, you may consider the 3 main tips below:

  • Find some reliable companies or stores which will provide the products for you. Make sure that they have good reputation in the world of selling industry.
  • Choose a high quality type but in affordable rate only. It is very practical to purchase a product that will give you more benefits and advantages due to lower prices and high quality.
  • Beware of product imitations in the market. Due to increasing popularity of a particular product, some manufacturers tend to produce fake products and sell these items to the public. Most of the imitations are not good for you since they are not high quality and long-lasting.

These three main tips and reminders should always be considered when looking for a specific type of tools in the market. So, whether you are buying such product in an offline or online basis, you need to make sure that what you are buying is a good quality that will give more benefits for you.

When doing such gardening works, it is very essential to utilize some protective pieces of equipment. Probably, some of you are just working on their gardening chores without the use of the protective pieces of equipment. Well, this is not advisable for it will not protect you from any possible danger that might happen while your work is on-going.

First and foremost, it is very crucial to explore the different things and protective pieces of equipment for your gardening works. At least, you can have an idea on how to keep yourself away from any possible hazards. If you want to know some of the protective pieces of equipment and its great significance, then you should keep in touch on the succeeding discussions.

Here are some of the protective things and tools which you may use while doing your gardening projects:

  • Safety goggle – It helps you to protect your eyes from debris such as wood, dust, tiny objects and any other kinds that may affect your eyes. This equipment is very useful, especially if you are utilizing a power tool which makes particles to flyaway. A protective goggle is quite bigger than any typical reading glasses and this must be totally fit around your eyes. You can easily purchase this kind of protective tool since it is not expensive and it is widely available in the market.
  • Earmuffs and earplugs – Some of your gardening works may require the use of powerful tools that have loud noise. You may probably use weed eaters, lawn mower, chain saw or anything which may produce loud sounds. So, before utilizing these tools for good, it’s better to use earplugs and earmuffs first. At least, your inner ears will be protected from any damage.
  • Gloves – Using a pair of high quality multi-purpose work gloves would be so nice for you once you are doing your gardening works. You need to wear these gloves when handling sharp or heavy objects which can pierce your skin. Actually, there is no right type of gloves for you. It is just a matter of choosing a specific type that is suitable for your taste and preferences. But for quality results and safety precautions, always make sure to select a specific kind of glove that is also suitable to your gardening works.
  • Protective clothing – It is important to prepare things and proper protective clothing for your gardening works. It is because it will give you great support and protection. All sorts of protective clothing must be totally prepared and worn before you start on your gardening works.

All these protective things and pieces of equipment should always be used once working with your gardening tasks. At least, you can have a guarantee that you will be out of any possible danger.

The Cycling Fitness Regime

People who are health conscious and who want to shed a few pounds are often wary of the different workout routines that are available. However, they often lose motivation to continue working out because of lack of time and the strenuousness of their routines. There is a constant struggle to find the right balance between time and effort with regard to the proper fitness regime.

Fortunately, there is one such training program that allows people of varying ages, body shapes and sizes to achieve desirable results. Having a cycling oriented fitness regime improves one’s cardiovascular and muscular endurance. Moreover, such exercises on a bicycle and its complimentary exercises in the gym provide relatively low risk of injuries.

Regardless of the chosen distance, a weight training fitness regime in the gym will significantly increase performance in bicycle sprint work and hill climbs. Common weight training circuits related to cycling are often done 2-3 times a week during the cycling off-season and 1-2 times a week during the race season. Sprint cyclists often go for more weight and fewer reps. On the other hand, endurance cyclists prefer more reps with less weight.

The weights to be used in the following exercises should reflect one’s current level skills. For safety reasons, it is always much better to start with lower weights to establish efficient technique.

For the first session of this fitness regime, it is best to start with a seated leg extension machine to work on the quadriceps. Afterwards, the calf machine provides further development of the leg muscles. To target the inner and outer thighs, the cable abductor and adductor pulls should be utilized. The leg press exercise once again targets the quadriceps while the hamstring curls aim to improve the endurance of the back leg muscles. To work on those buns, the hip flexor cable pull adequately twists and provides resistance to the gluts. A combination of either front or rear lunges while doing the complete lower body press on a Smith machine further improves the lower body’s inner strength. Lastly, the adductor machine provides sufficient load and focuses on the major muscles of the legs.

The following session complements the exercises mentioned above by proving a workout for the upper body. Dorsal raises help develop the back while abdominal crunches tone an individual’s “core.” Next, upper back lifts and wrist rotations gradually develop the upper body muscles needed for cycling. Triceps dips and concentric curls strengthen the arms for support and endurance while biking. Further abdominals and back stretching aid in more muscle stimulation. To round out the upper body exercises, bench presses and lateral pull downs develop the chest and back respectively.

As such, doing this fitness regime in the gym adequately supports the cycling lifestyle and all the benefits that come along with it.

Motorcycle Helmets – Mind Your Head!

To most riders, motorcycle helmets do not fit into their dream accessory. They feel helmets are restrictive and unnecessary and do not add to their aesthetic appeal. But it is important to know why you need to wear a helmet while riding a bike and what it does for you.

Motorcycle helmets act as a protection device for your head. Nearly all motor crashes in which riders do not wear helmets, result in major head injuries. To drive this point further, according to a survey done in the state of California, in 900 crashes, there were 980 head and neck injuries. The major factor was that most riders were not wearing proper headgear.

Canada has made it a mandatory rule for motorbike riders to wear helmets after seeing the way people die in these accidents. But in the USA, in some states, it still remains a choice for the rider so it is for you to decide what is more precious to you.

Hopefully, now that you are convinced about purchasing a helmet, let us see some of the things that you should keep in mind while buying a motorcycle helmet.

All helmets have an outer shell and an inner shell. The outer shell is meant to protect the head from initial impact and undertake all the abrasions onto it. The inner shell is basically a lining of foam that aims at minimizing the impact of the shock by absorbing it as much as possible. It is also supposed to provide comfort to the rider as well.

In order to ascertain whether your helmet is safe enough for you or not, you must check whether it has the Department of Transportation (DOT) sticker or not. A globally accepted safety standard for helmets is a sticker by the Snell Memorial Foundation.

Besides these safety stickers, the other important thing is to ensure that the motorcycle helmet of your choice gives you a proper fit. It should not be loose or too tight. You must be comfortable with it, as remember that you will be wearing it for quite some time.

There should not be any red marks on your head or face otherwise the helmet is too tight for you. At the same time, it should not come off your head or it just might fall off in an accident- providing you with no protection.

Also, you must choose between the various types of materials of which motorcycle helmets are made. Heavy helmets are made of fiberglass but it can crack if dropped. Another type of material used is injection-molded plastic. This is cheap and light but requires a lot of care. So think before you decide.

Catlike helmets – Are they worth money

Catlike Chrono Aero WT Helmet

When aerodynamic time-trial bicycling helmets were first designed, they were elongated, contained hard “tails” (sometimes referred to as “javelins”) at the back, and looked, well…silly. In the last few years, however, top cycling helmet-makers such as Giro, Bell, and Louis Garneau have begun designing aerodynamic helmets that are shorter and have lost those weird “javelins.” European helmet-makers, such as the Spanish company Catlike, have gone with the shorter, stubbier helmet in the design of their Chrono Aero helmet, finding that scientific testing shows the stubby tail is much more efficient in crosswinds and produces less drag; it also allows riders to be able to better see their surroundings.

Even though time trials tend to be short, they can still be uncomfortable. Catlike has designed the Chrono Aero helmet to be aerodynamic, but also to allow the head to breathe and receive maximum airflow to remain cool. The in-mold shell features Crash Energy Splitter, a technology that allows energy from an impact to be dispersed along the helmet’s internal skeleton-like structure. The flexible flaps are made from an open cell foam padding, which makes the helmet easier to put on and prevents the side-head pinching some riders’ experience. Chrono Aero is also fully adjustable to fit all head sizes simply by using the ratchet dial the cradle at the back of the neck, very similar to the fit systems used by Giro (RocLoc) and Garneau (Spiderlock).

Catlike Leaf Helmet

The Leaf by Catlike is made for serious mountain bikers. It features 23 separate openings to allow maximum airflow to the head, the latest and the best construction techniques, and weighs only 260 grams. The Leaf provides mountain bikers the protection they need with the comfort they crave.

Catlike created the Leaf but utilizing many of Catlike’s proprietary technologies to make a helmet that provides both protection and comfort. The Leaf utilizes the same technology used for Catlike’s Whisper helmet called In Mold, a production process that molds the outer shell to the inner layers so that they become one solid piece. By fusing the outer shell with the inner layer, this not only reduces the level of impact taken in a crash and diffuses the energy of impact; it maximizes the structural integrity of the helmet. The helmet also features Low Nape Protection technology at the lower back of the helmet’s structure to protect during crashes that create impact points on the back of the skull. Not only does this design provide a revolution in protection, but it is also the major reason the Leaf is so lightweight.

Catlike Whisper Helmet

The original purpose of bicycle helmets was very simple – provide protection to the head in case of a crash to prevent serious head injuries. Naturally, ever helmet manufacturer has a different idea of how to do this best. With safety certifications and standards that are set by government agencies that all helmet manufacturers must meet, every rider can safely assume that no matter what helmet they choose, they will be protected. However, as with all things in life, just because all helmets on the market meet a certain safety standard, it does not mean they are all equal – especially where comfort is concerned. If you want greater protection, but do not want to sacrifice comfort to get it, the Catlike Whisper Helmet is a great choice.

The Whisper uses Catlike’s Mold technology to fuse the outer shell and an inner layer of the helmet into a solid piece; this maximizes impact resistance while distributing crash energy evenly. It also features Low Nape Protection technology to protect the head in the case of rear-impact crashes, as well as Crash Energy Splitter, a design that causes energy from a crash to diffuse evenly around the Catlike helmet’s structure. Airflow technology assists in weight distribution while keeping your head cool and comfortable.