Catlike helmets – Are they worth money

Catlike Chrono Aero WT Helmet

When aerodynamic time-trial bicycling helmets were first designed, they were elongated, contained hard “tails” (sometimes referred to as “javelins”) at the back, and looked, well…silly. In the last few years, however, top cycling helmet-makers such as Giro, Bell, and Louis Garneau have begun designing aerodynamic helmets that are shorter and have lost those weird “javelins.” European helmet-makers, such as the Spanish company Catlike, have gone with the shorter, stubbier helmet in the design of their Chrono Aero helmet, finding that scientific testing shows the stubby tail is much more efficient in crosswinds and produces less drag; it also allows riders to be able to better see their surroundings.

Even though time trials tend to be short, they can still be uncomfortable. Catlike has designed the Chrono Aero helmet to be aerodynamic, but also to allow the head to breathe and receive maximum airflow to remain cool. The in-mold shell features Crash Energy Splitter, a technology that allows energy from an impact to be dispersed along the helmet’s internal skeleton-like structure. The flexible flaps are made from an open cell foam padding, which makes the helmet easier to put on and prevents the side-head pinching some riders’ experience. Chrono Aero is also fully adjustable to fit all head sizes simply by using the ratchet dial the cradle at the back of the neck, very similar to the fit systems used by Giro (RocLoc) and Garneau (Spiderlock).

Catlike Leaf Helmet

The Leaf by Catlike is made for serious mountain bikers. It features 23 separate openings to allow maximum airflow to the head, the latest and the best construction techniques, and weighs only 260 grams. The Leaf provides mountain bikers the protection they need with the comfort they crave.

Catlike created the Leaf but utilizing many of Catlike’s proprietary technologies to make a helmet that provides both protection and comfort. The Leaf utilizes the same technology used for Catlike’s Whisper helmet called In Mold, a production process that molds the outer shell to the inner layers so that they become one solid piece. By fusing the outer shell with the inner layer, this not only reduces the level of impact taken in a crash and diffuses the energy of impact; it maximizes the structural integrity of the helmet. The helmet also features Low Nape Protection technology at the lower back of the helmet’s structure to protect during crashes that create impact points on the back of the skull. Not only does this design provide a revolution in protection, but it is also the major reason the Leaf is so lightweight.

Catlike Whisper Helmet

The original purpose of bicycle helmets was very simple – provide protection to the head in case of a crash to prevent serious head injuries. Naturally, ever helmet manufacturer has a different idea of how to do this best. With safety certifications and standards that are set by government agencies that all helmet manufacturers must meet, every rider can safely assume that no matter what helmet they choose, they will be protected. However, as with all things in life, just because all helmets on the market meet a certain safety standard, it does not mean they are all equal – especially where comfort is concerned. If you want greater protection, but do not want to sacrifice comfort to get it, the Catlike Whisper Helmet is a great choice.

The Whisper uses Catlike’s Mold technology to fuse the outer shell and an inner layer of the helmet into a solid piece; this maximizes impact resistance while distributing crash energy evenly. It also features Low Nape Protection technology to protect the head in the case of rear-impact crashes, as well as Crash Energy Splitter, a design that causes energy from a crash to diffuse evenly around the Catlike helmet’s structure. Airflow technology assists in weight distribution while keeping your head cool and comfortable.

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