Get a portable or internal SATA Blu Ray Drive for less


Blu Ray discs have become very popular. They have become a major way of distributing high definition home movies that you can enjoy in your home theater system. But with its huge storage capacity, it is only natural that it becomes the answer to a lot of pc users’ quest for bigger storage space. If you are a desktop computer owner who would like to play blu ray movies in your personal computer, or store information in a blu ray disc, then all you need is a blu ray drive.

Installing a blu ray drive to your PC will allow you to play blu ray movies or access files stored in a blu ray disc. This means you have access to a huge number of high definition movies or big files stored in blu ray discs. If you want to store information in a blu ray disc, your blu ray drive must be capable of writing to a blu ray disc. Most popular disc drive manufacturers now offer blu ray drives for PCs. Some home theater system manufacturers also manufacture blu ray drives.

Pioneer Sata Blu Ray Drive offers the ability to write or read blu ray discs. Same goes for LG SATA Blu Ray drive and Sony SATA Blu Ray Drive. Any of these manufacturers can provide you with a SATA Blu Ray drive that will suit your computing needs. It all boils down to your preference and your considerations. While they all offer almost the same features, you may choose based on the brand’s reputation for quality or the device’s price or just based on your own preference. These devices pretty much do the same thing plus a difference in a few minor features such as the software that comes with it and so on. Again, they pretty much do the same thing and it all boils down to what you prefer.

LG produced the LG Blu-ray Disc Rewriter Internal SATA 10x SuperMulti Blue LightScribe. The capability of read and write blu-ray discs at 10x with the WH10LS30 Blu-ray rewriter that allows users record Up to 50GB of files, photos, or any business documents onto a single dual layer BD-R blu-ray disc. It can also Play HD content from BD Audio/Video discs or record up to 9 hours of high definition image and video. SATA interface tech allows for much easier integration and ultimately much faster performance while LightScribe gives user the added feature of etching customized labels onto a coated LightScribe disc. Get into the Blu with the WH10LS30 made by LG.

Specific Features: 10X BD-R Read and Write Capability, Max 16X DVD R Write Speed, Serial ATA Interface, LightScribe Direct Disc Labeling, Blu-Ray, DVD and CD Family Read/ Write Compatible, 2 MB Buffer under-Run Prevention Function Embedded. Unit Specifications: Product Model: WH10LS30, Product Name: WH10LS30 10x Blu-ray Super Multi Drive with LightScribe, Write Speed: 10x BD/16x DVD/48x CD, Product Type: BD-Writer, Maximum Maximum Rewrite Speed: 2x BD/8x DVD/24x CD, Maximum Read Speed: 10x BD/16x DVD/48x CD, Buffer: 2 MB, Media Support: Double-layer – BD-R/RE, Interfaces/Ports: 1 x 7-pin Serial ATA/150 – Serial ATA, Form Factor: 5.25″ 1/2H Internal.

Another brand is Sony which is also known for its electronic products. BWU-200S Sony’s second generation Blu-ray Disc drives takes a giant leap forward in recording speed, it is capable of 4X BD-R recording. BD-R/RW discs can save and store up to 50GB of video, music, or information data on a single-sided disc and can also be played back on Blu-ray Disc compatible players and drives. Also remarkably improved is DVD recording speeds, now 16X for DVD+R discs. The BWU-200S also supports virtually all BD/DVD/CD disc formats, so it eliminates the need to have many drives in a system. The internal drive sports a Serial ATA interface SATA for fast and easy installation and includes a complete application software bundle from CyberLink for recording and also playing DVDs, Blu-ray Discs, and CDs too. Truly a Blu-ray Disc burner like no other.

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