Submit A Product for Review

You have something you think we would be interested in? Great, let’s talk about it – simply use our Contact Us page to reach out to us.  Products for review may be submitted to the address listed on the Contact Us page.

We Do Things Differently

One thing we should mention – if you have a junky or crappy product, please do not send it to us! Also, if you are looking for us to just quote your PR in our review – think again.

Here, we do things differently!  We spend time with each product, often we send products out to our members to get their take on it.  We simply want our readers to know if the product will make their life better or more fun in some way.  All the specs in the world don’t matter to a parent, if the product does not make their hectic life better!

Our Reviews are Honest, Fun, Informative and Say it With Us Now… DIFFERENT!

We do hope you will submit your product for review, because we love having fun with cool products.  We often spend weeks with a product, we use it, we take photos, we shot videos and then we often send the product out to some of our members so they can use it, live with it and document their time with your product.

The good news for you is that our reviews are heavily marketed in numerous channels – beyond just appearing on our site.  We do press releases, have a review video channel on YouTube, FaceBook Fan Page, numerous mentions in our Twitter stream and our readers tend to spread the word pretty quickly.

We NEVER charge any fees to do a review.

Of course, all the above is only good news for you if your product doesn’t suck!   If your product does suck, we will tell the truth – which is exactly why people love our reviews.  So, returning to our original point, if you have a great product – please Contact Us and let’s have some fun!