The Cycling Fitness Regime

People who are health conscious and who want to shed a few pounds are often wary of the different workout routines that are available. However, they often lose motivation to continue working out because of lack of time and the strenuousness of their routines. There is a constant struggle to find the right balance between time and effort with regard to the proper fitness regime.

Fortunately, there is one such training program that allows people of varying ages, body shapes and sizes to achieve desirable results. Having a cycling oriented fitness regime improves one’s cardiovascular and muscular endurance. Moreover, such exercises on a bicycle and its complimentary exercises in the gym provide relatively low risk of injuries.

Regardless of the chosen distance, a weight training fitness regime in the gym will significantly increase performance in bicycle sprint work and hill climbs. Common weight training circuits related to cycling are often done 2-3 times a week during the cycling off-season and 1-2 times a week during the race season. Sprint cyclists often go for more weight and fewer reps. On the other hand, endurance cyclists prefer more reps with less weight.

The weights to be used in the following exercises should reflect one’s current level skills. For safety reasons, it is always much better to start with lower weights to establish efficient technique.

For the first session of this fitness regime, it is best to start with a seated leg extension machine to work on the quadriceps. Afterwards, the calf machine provides further development of the leg muscles. To target the inner and outer thighs, the cable abductor and adductor pulls should be utilized. The leg press exercise once again targets the quadriceps while the hamstring curls aim to improve the endurance of the back leg muscles. To work on those buns, the hip flexor cable pull adequately twists and provides resistance to the gluts. A combination of either front or rear lunges while doing the complete lower body press on a Smith machine further improves the lower body’s inner strength. Lastly, the adductor machine provides sufficient load and focuses on the major muscles of the legs.

The following session complements the exercises mentioned above by proving a workout for the upper body. Dorsal raises help develop the back while abdominal crunches tone an individual’s “core.” Next, upper back lifts and wrist rotations gradually develop the upper body muscles needed for cycling. Triceps dips and concentric curls strengthen the arms for support and endurance while biking. Further abdominals and back stretching aid in more muscle stimulation. To round out the upper body exercises, bench presses and lateral pull downs develop the chest and back respectively.

As such, doing this fitness regime in the gym adequately supports the cycling lifestyle and all the benefits that come along with it.

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